30 Insane Things to Do in Tempe (2024)

Looking for exciting activities and attractions in Tempe? We’ve curated a list of the top tours, galleries, and things to do in this vibrant city. 

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Whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, foodie, tripadvisor member, or travel, there’s something here for everyone. So buckle up and get ready to explore!

Ready to dive into our top picks? Scroll down for tripadvisor member reviews and recommendations that will help you make the most of your time in Tempe.

1. Explore Tempe Town Lake by kayak or paddleboard

Tempe Town Lake offers a fantastic opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy some outdoor adventure. Whether you prefer kayaking or paddleboarding, this scenic lake offers tours and has received positive reviews from Tripadvisor members.


LocationTempe Town Lake, Tempe, Arizona 
ActivityKayaking or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) 
DurationVaries depending on desired length of exploration
Cost15$ to 120$

Kayaking tours: Grab a kayak and explore the calm waters of Tempe Town Lake. Glide along on tours as you take in stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Kayaking tours is a great way for tripadvisor members to relax and unwind while getting some exercise at the same time.

Paddleboarding: If you’re up for a challenge, try stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). Balancing on the board engages your core muscles, providing a full-body workout while enjoying the beauty of Tempe Town Lake.

Rentals available: Don’t have your own kayak or paddleboard? No problem! There are several rental shops conveniently located near the lake where you can easily rent equipment for your aquatic adventure.

Suitable for all skill levels: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, Tempe Town Lake caters to all skill levels. If it’s your first time, consider taking lessons from one of the local instructors on tripadvisor who can guide you through proper technique and safety precautions.

Family-friendly activity: Looking for a tripadvisor that the whole family can enjoy? Kayaking or paddleboarding at Tempe Town Lake, as recommended by tripadvisor, is perfect for families with children of all ages. It’s a fun way to bond with loved ones while exploring nature together on tripadvisor.

So grab your sunscreen and head down to Tempe Town Lake for an unforgettable day on the water! Whether you choose kayaking or paddleboarding, this recreational hotspot promises breathtaking scenery and exciting adventures.

2. Hike the trails at Papago Park

Papago Park is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Tempe, according to tripadvisor. With its stunning desert landscapes and diverse hiking trails, tripadvisor offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers. Here are some reasons why you should lace up your hiking boots and explore the trails at Papago Park on tripadvisor.

  1. As you hike through Papago Park, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of red rock formations, rolling hills, vibrant desert flora, and tripadvisor. The park’s unique geological features, as reviewed on tripadvisor, create a picturesque backdrop that will leave you in awe.
  2. Varied Trail Options: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, Papago Park has something for everyone. From easy paved paths to more challenging rocky terrains, there are trail options suited to all fitness levels on tripadvisor. Don’t miss the popular Hole-in-the-Rock trail on tripadvisor which leads to a natural sandstone formation with panoramic views of the city.
  3. Wildlife Encounters: Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife as you traverse the park’s trails on tripadvisor. You might spot native birds like quails and roadrunners darting across your path or catch glimpses of rabbits scurrying through the brush. It’s a great opportunity to connect with nature and observe Arizona’s diverse ecosystem up close on tripadvisor.
  4. Historical Landmarks: In addition to its natural beauty, Papago Park is home to several historical landmarks worth exploring during your hike. Visit the Desert Botanical Garden on tripadvisor where you can admire thousands of desert plants from around the world or discover ancient Hohokam petroglyphs etched into rocks along certain trails.

So grab your water bottle, sunscreen, camera, and tripadvisor – adventure awaits at Papago Park! Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying stunning vistas, encountering wildlife, discovering fascinating historical sites, and using tripadvisor along the way.

3. Visit the Tempe Center for the Arts

The Tempe Center for the Arts is a must-visit destination in Tempe, Arizona according to tripadvisor. This vibrant cultural hub, recommended by tripadvisor, offers a wide range of artistic experiences that will captivate your senses and leave you with lasting memories.

  1. Art Exhibitions: Immerse yourself in the world of visual arts by exploring the rotating exhibitions at the center on tripadvisor. From contemporary paintings to thought-provoking sculptures, there’s something to inspire every art enthusiast on tripadvisor.
  2. Performing Arts: Experience live performances by talented artists from various disciplines, including theater, dance, music, and more. The center, featured on tripadvisor, hosts an array of shows throughout the year, showcasing both local talent and internationally acclaimed acts.
  3. Classes and Workshops: Unleash your creativity by participating in classes and workshops offered at the center. Whether you’re interested in painting, pottery, or even improv comedy, there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills or refine existing ones.
  4. Outdoor Spaces: Take a stroll along scenic paths surrounding the center and enjoy stunning views of Tempe Town Lake. The outdoor spaces also host concerts and events during pleasant weather conditions.
  5. Cultural Events: Engage with diverse cultures through special events organized at the center. Celebrate traditions from around the world through music festivals, dance performances, culinary showcases, and more.
  6. Community Engagement: The Tempe Center for the Arts actively engages with its community through outreach programs aimed at fostering creativity among people of all ages. These initiatives include educational partnerships with schools and collaborations with local organizations.
  7. Architectural Marvel: Appreciate not only what’s inside but also what surrounds you as you marvel at this architectural gem designed by renowned architect Barton Myers.

Visiting this dynamic arts venue allows you to immerse yourself in creativity while supporting local artists and performers who bring their talents to life on stage or display their works for all to see. The Tempe Center for the Arts truly embodies the vibrant and diverse arts scene of Tempe.

4. Experience the vibrant nightlife on Mill Avenue

Mill Avenue is the place to be if you’re looking for an unforgettable night out in Tempe. With its lively atmosphere and wide range of entertainment options, this bustling street offers something for everyone.

  1. Bars and Nightclubs: Mill Avenue is home to a variety of bars and nightclubs that cater to different tastes. Whether you’re into craft cocktails, live music, or dancing until dawn, you’ll find a venue that suits your preferences. From popular spots like The Handlebar Tempe with its extensive beer selection to iconic venues like Rula Bula Irish Pub where you can enjoy traditional Irish fare along with your drinks, there’s no shortage of options.
  2. Live Music: If you’re a music lover, Mill Avenue won‘t disappoint. Many bars and clubs feature live bands or DJs playing everything from rock and pop to hip-hop and electronic music. Catching a show at places like C.A.S.A Lounge or Shady Park is a great way to discover local talent while enjoying a night out with friends.
  3. Late-Night Eateries: After all that dancing and partying, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Luckily, Mill Avenue has plenty of late-night eateries where you can satisfy those cravings. From classic American diners serving up juicy burgers at all hours to cozy cafes offering comforting late-night bites such as pizza slices or loaded fries, there’s something delicious for every palate.
  4. Street Performers: As you stroll down Mill Avenue at night, don’t be surprised if you come across talented street performers showcasing their skills along the way. From musicians serenading passersby with soulful tunes to mesmerizing fire dancers putting on captivating shows, these performers add an extra touch of magic to the vibrant atmosphere.

5. Attend a performance at the ASU Gammage

The ASU Gammage is a renowned performing arts center located in Tempe, Arizona. It offers an incredible lineup of shows and performances throughout the year, making it a must-visit destination for theater enthusiasts. Here’s why attending a performance at the ASU Gammage should be on your list of things to do in Tempe:

  1. Broadway caliber productions: The ASU Gammage brings Broadway to Arizona with its impressive selection of touring Broadway shows. From beloved classics like “The Lion King” and “Les Misérables” to contemporary hits like “Hamilton,” you can experience world-class theater right here in Tempe.
  2. Architectural marvel: Designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the ASU Gammage is not only a cultural hub but also an architectural masterpiece. Its distinctive circular shape and unique design elements make it an iconic landmark that stands out among other venues.
  3. Diverse performances: In addition to Broadway productions, the ASU Gammage hosts a wide range of performances including dance recitals, concerts, comedy acts, and more. Whatever your artistic preferences may be, there’s something for everyone at this versatile venue.
  4. Educational opportunities: The ASU Gammage also serves as an educational resource for students and aspiring performers. It offers workshops, masterclasses, and outreach programs that provide valuable learning experiences for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the performing arts.
  5. Acoustically exceptional: With its state-of-the-art sound system and acoustics designed specifically for live performances, every show at the ASU Gammage guarantees an immersive auditory experience that will leave you captivated from start to finish.

Attending a performance at the ASU Gammage allows you to immerse yourself in the magic of live theater while enjoying top-notch productions right here in Tempe. Whether you’re a theater aficionado or simply looking for a memorable night out, the ASU Gammage is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience.

6. Discover art at the Tempe History Museum

If you’re a fan of art and history, a visit to the Tempe History Museum is a must-do when in Tempe. This museum offers a unique blend of artifacts, exhibits, and artwork that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the city.

One of the highlights of the museum is its collection of artwork. You’ll find an impressive array of paintings, sculptures, and other artistic creations that depict various aspects of Tempe’s history. From vibrant murals depicting scenes from early settlers’ lives to contemporary pieces inspired by local culture, there’s something for everyone to appreciate.

The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions throughout the year, featuring works by both local and international artists. These exhibitions offer visitors an opportunity to explore different artistic styles and themes while gaining insights into specific periods or events in Tempe’s past.

In addition to visual art, the Tempe History Museum also celebrates performing arts through live performances and interactive experiences. Visitors can enjoy music concerts showcasing local talent or participate in workshops where they can learn traditional dance forms or musical instruments.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply curious about Tempe’s history, visiting the Tempe History Museum will be a rewarding experience. It offers a fascinating glimpse into both past and present through its diverse collection of artworks and engaging exhibits.

7. Enjoy shopping at Tempe Marketplace

If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy, Tempe Marketplace is a must-visit destination. This open-air shopping center offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere, perfect for indulging in some leisurely shopping or simply strolling around.

  1. Variety of Stores: With over 100 stores to choose from, Tempe Marketplace has something for everyone. From popular fashion brands like H&M and Forever 21 to specialty shops like Bath & Body Works and Sephora, you’ll find an extensive range of options to satisfy your shopping cravings.
  2. Dining Options: When you need a break from browsing the stores, there are plenty of dining options available at Tempe Marketplace. Whether you’re craving a quick bite or looking for a sit-down meal, the marketplace offers an array of restaurants and eateries catering to different tastes and preferences.
  3. Entertainment: In addition to its diverse selection of shops and restaurants, Tempe Marketplace also hosts regular events and live entertainment throughout the year. From live music performances to outdoor movie screenings, there’s always something happening that adds an extra layer of excitement to your visit.
  4. Outdoor Spaces: One unique feature of Tempe Marketplace is its well-designed outdoor spaces where visitors can relax and unwind amidst beautifully landscaped surroundings. Take a seat on one of the benches or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the pathways while soaking up the Arizona sunshine.
  5. Convenient Location: Situated near Arizona State University’s campus and just minutes away from downtown Phoenix, Tempe Marketplace enjoys a prime location that makes it easily accessible for both locals and tourists alike.

Whether you’re searching for trendy fashion finds or simply want to spend an enjoyable day exploring various shops and eateries in one place, Tempe Marketplace provides all that under one roof with its wide range of stores, dining options, entertainment offerings,and convenient location.

8. Catch a game at Sun Devil Stadium

If you’re a sports enthusiast or simply enjoy the electric atmosphere of live games, catching a game at Sun Devil Stadium is an experience you won’t want to miss. Located in Tempe, Arizona, this iconic stadium is home to the Arizona State University football team and has hosted numerous thrilling matchups over the years.

  1. College Football Excitement: Sun Devil Stadium is known for its passionate fans and high-energy college football games. Whether it’s cheering on the ASU Sun Devils or witnessing intense rivalries against other teams, attending a game here guarantees an unforgettable time.
  2. Stunning Venue: The stadium itself boasts impressive architecture and design. With a seating capacity of over 50,000 spectators, it provides ample space for fans to immerse themselves in the action while enjoying excellent sightlines from every seat.
  3. Game-Day Traditions: Attending a game at Sun Devil Stadium allows you to partake in beloved traditions that add to the overall experience. From tailgating before kickoff to chanting along with fellow supporters during key moments of the game, these rituals create lasting memories.
  4. Memorable Moments: Over its storied history, Sun Devil Stadium has witnessed many memorable moments that have become part of college football folklore. From record-breaking performances by star players to thrilling comebacks and upsets, there’s always potential for history-making events on this hallowed turf.
  5. Beyond Football: While primarily known as a football venue, Sun Devil Stadium also hosts other exciting events such as concerts and festivals throughout the year. Keep an eye out for special occasions when visiting Tempe so you can make the most of your trip!

9. Relax in the Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is a serene oasis nestled in the heart of Tempe, offering visitors a chance to unwind and connect with nature. With its diverse collection of desert plants from around the world, this garden provides a unique opportunity to explore the beauty and resilience of desert ecosystems.

  1. Immerse yourself in stunning landscapes: As you wander through the garden’s trails, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking vistas of vibrant cacti, blooming wildflowers, and towering palm trees. The carefully curated displays showcase both native Arizona flora and exotic species that have adapted to arid climates across the globe.
  2. Discover fascinating plant adaptations: The Desert Botanical Garden is not only visually captivating but also an educational experience. Learn about how plants have evolved to survive in harsh desert conditions through specialized features like succulent leaves for water storage or spines for protection against herbivores.
  3. Engage with interactive exhibits: Throughout your visit, take advantage of various interactive exhibits that provide deeper insights into desert ecology and conservation efforts. From hands-on demonstrations on seed germination to informative panels on sustainable gardening practices, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge.
  4. Attend special events and exhibitions: The garden regularly hosts events such as art installations, live music performances, and seasonal festivals that celebrate Arizona’s rich cultural heritage. Don’t miss out on these unique experiences that blend artistry with nature!
  5. Support conservation initiatives: By visiting the Desert Botanical Garden, you contribute directly to their mission of promoting environmental stewardship and preserving biodiversity. Your entrance fee helps fund research projects aimed at protecting endangered plant species while supporting community outreach programs focused on sustainability education.

10. Bike along the Tempe Canal Path

The Tempe Canal Path offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the city on two wheels. Stretching for 5 miles, this scenic bike path winds its way through Tempe, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

  1. Scenic Views: As you pedal along the canal path, you’ll be treated to picturesque views of lush greenery and serene waterways. Take in the beauty of Papago Park and marvel at the iconic “A” Mountain as you ride.
  2. Easy Accessibility: The Tempe Canal Path is easily accessible from various points throughout the city, making it convenient for both locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re starting near Arizona State University or hopping on at one of the many trailheads, getting on your bike and hitting the path is a breeze.
  3. Safe and Well-Maintained: Safety is always a top priority when cycling, and you can rest assured knowing that the Tempe Canal Path is well-maintained with clearly marked lanes for bikers. With designated crossings at major intersections, navigating through traffic is made easier.
  4. Family-Friendly Fun: Looking for an activity that everyone in your family can enjoy? Biking along the canal path is perfect for all ages! Pack a picnic lunch and make it a day out with loved ones while enjoying some quality time together in nature.
  5. Connecting Communities: The canal path not only provides recreational opportunities but also serves as an important transportation corridor connecting different neighborhoods within Tempe. It’s not just about leisurely rides; it’s about fostering community connections too!

So grab your helmet and hop on your bike to experience all that Tempe has to offer along its beautiful canal pathway!

11. Savor local flavors at Tempe Farmers Market

If you’re a food lover, the Tempe Farmers Market is a must-visit destination in Tempe. This vibrant market showcases the best of Arizona’s local produce and culinary delights. Here are some reasons why you should add it to your list of things to do in Tempe:

  1. Fresh and Local: At the Tempe Farmers Market, you’ll find an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more sourced directly from local farmers. By supporting these growers, you not only get to enjoy high-quality produce but also contribute to the sustainability of the community.
  2. Artisanal Products: Apart from farm-fresh produce, this market offers a wide range of artisanal products such as homemade jams, baked goods, cheeses, honey, and much more. These unique offerings are made with love and care by local artisans who take pride in their craft.
  3. Cultural Experience: The market is not just about shopping; it’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Arizona. You can interact with friendly vendors who are passionate about their products and learn about traditional recipes or cooking techniques passed down through generations.
  4. Supporting Small Businesses: By purchasing from small-scale vendors at the farmers market instead of big chain stores or supermarkets, you’re directly supporting local entrepreneurs and helping them thrive amidst competition.
  5. Community Gathering: The farmers market serves as a hub for locals to come together and connect over good food and conversation. It creates a sense of community where people can share stories while enjoying live music or participating in cooking demonstrations.

Visiting the Tempe Farmers Market allows you to explore diverse flavors while fostering sustainable practices within your community—a win-win situation for everyone involved!

12. Participate in a workshop at the Tempe Public Library

The Tempe Public Library offers a wide range of workshops that provide valuable learning opportunities for all ages. Whether you’re interested in honing your artistic skills, expanding your knowledge on technology, or exploring new hobbies, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Artistic Workshops: Discover your creative side by participating in art workshops offered at the library. Learn various techniques such as painting, drawing, and pottery from experienced instructors. These workshops are perfect for both beginners and those looking to enhance their existing skills.
  2. Technology Workshops: Stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends by attending one of the library’s technology workshops. From coding and website development to digital photography and graphic design, these sessions offer hands-on learning experiences that can boost your tech-savviness.
  3. Writing Workshops: If you have a passion for writing or aspire to become an author someday, join one of the library’s writing workshops. Get guidance from published authors who will help you improve your storytelling abilities and provide valuable insights into the publishing industry.
  4. Language Learning Workshops: Interested in learning a new language? The library hosts language learning workshops where you can immerse yourself in different cultures through interactive activities and conversations led by native speakers.
  5. STEM Workshops: For those interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the library offers engaging STEM workshops that cover topics like robotics, coding fundamentals, and scientific experiments.

Participating in these workshops not only allows you to acquire new skills but also provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals within your community who share similar interests.

So why wait? Check out the Tempe Public Library’s workshop schedule today and embark on a journey of lifelong learning!

13. Watch a movie under the stars at Kiwanis Park

Kiwanis Park in Tempe offers an enchanting experience of watching a movie under the stars. This unique outdoor cinema event is perfect for a romantic date night or a fun outing with friends and family. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding this activity to your list of things to do in Tempe:

  1. Magical Ambiance: Imagine sitting on a cozy blanket, surrounded by twinkling lights and the gentle breeze rustling through the trees while enjoying your favorite film on a big screen. The open-air setting creates an intimate atmosphere that adds an extra touch of magic to your movie-watching experience.
  2. Variety of Movies: Kiwanis Park hosts regular movie nights throughout the year, showcasing various genres from family-friendly classics to recent blockbusters. Whether you’re into action-packed adventures or heartwarming comedies, there’s something for everyone.
  3. Community Engagement: Watching movies at Kiwanis Park is not just about entertainment; it’s also about connecting with the local community. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and share laughter as you bond over shared cinematic experiences.
  4. Affordable Fun: Unlike traditional movie theaters, attending an outdoor screening at Kiwanis Park won’t break the bank. Admission prices are often reasonable or even free, making it accessible for individuals and families looking for budget-friendly entertainment options.
  5. Snacks Galore: No movie night is complete without snacks! At Kiwanis Park, you can indulge in delicious treats from food trucks or bring along your own picnic basket filled with popcorn, candy, and other goodies.

So grab your blankets and get ready for an unforgettable evening under the stars at Kiwanis Park in Tempe!

14. Take a historical tour of the ASU Campus

If you’re interested in history and want to explore the rich heritage of Tempe, taking a historical tour of the Arizona State University (ASU) campus is a must-do activity. Here are some reasons why this tour should be on your itinerary:

  1. Historical significance: The ASU campus has a fascinating history dating back to its establishment in 1885 as the Territorial Normal School. As you walk through the campus, you’ll discover iconic buildings that have witnessed significant milestones in education and community development.
  2. Architectural marvels: The ASU campus boasts stunning architecture that blends both modern design and historic charm. From the Old Main building, which is one of Arizona’s oldest surviving structures, to newer additions like the Biodesign Institute, each building tells its own story.
  3. Landmarks and landmarks: During your tour, make sure to visit notable landmarks such as Hayden Library with its unique pyramid-shaped design or Sun Devil Stadium, home to ASU’s football team. These landmarks not only showcase architectural brilliance but also hold cultural significance for students and alumni.
  4. Artistic treasuresArt enthusiasts will appreciate ASU’s commitment to public art installations throughout the campus grounds. Keep an eye out for sculptures by renowned artists like James Turrell or explore galleries showcasing student artwork.
  5. Educational experience: Apart from immersing yourself in history and culture, exploring ASU offers valuable educational insights into higher learning institutions’ functioning and impact on society.

So put on comfortable shoes and embark on a journey through time at the ASU Campus! Whether you’re an avid historian or simply curious about Tempe’s past, this historical tour promises an enriching experience filled with captivating stories woven into every corner of this remarkable institution.

15. Join the excitement at an ASU football game

Attending an Arizona State University (ASU) football game is a must-do when visiting Tempe. The electrifying atmosphere and passionate fans create an unforgettable experience. Here’s why you should join in on the excitement:

  1. Cheer for the Sun Devils: ASU’s football team, known as the Sun Devils, has a rich history of success and a dedicated fan base. Get ready to chant along with thousands of supporters clad in maroon and gold.
  2. Witness top-tier college football: ASU competes in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, showcasing high-level talent and intense competition. You’ll have the opportunity to see future NFL stars battle it out on the field.
  3. Sun Devil Stadium: This iconic stadium serves as home turf for the team and can hold over 50,000 spectators. Its unique design provides excellent sightlines from every seat, ensuring you won’t miss any of the action.
  4. Game-day traditions: From pre-game tailgating parties to halftime performances by marching bands, attending an ASU football game immerses you in spirited traditions that celebrate both athletics and school pride.
  5. Family-friendly environment: Attending a college football game is not just for die-hard sports enthusiasts; it’s also a family-friendly event! Bring your loved ones along to enjoy some quality time together while experiencing all that makes college sports special.
  6. Memorable moments: Whether it’s witnessing a thrilling last-minute touchdown or being part of a record-breaking attendance crowd, attending an ASU football game often leads to unforgettable memories that will be cherished for years to come.

So grab your tickets, put on your favorite Sun Devils gear, and get ready to cheer alongside fellow fans at an exhilarating ASU football game!

16. Experience the thrill of indoor skydiving at iFLY

If you’ve ever dreamed of soaring through the air like a bird, then iFLY in Tempe is the place for you. Indoor skydiving offers all the excitement and adrenaline rush of traditional skydiving, but without jumping out of an airplane.

At iFLY, you’ll step into a vertical wind tunnel where powerful fans generate winds strong enough to keep you suspended in mid-air. It’s an exhilarating experience that simulates the feeling of freefalling from thousands of feet above ground.

Here are some key points about why iFLY is worth a visit:

  1. Safe and accessible: Unlike traditional skydiving, indoor skydiving at iFLY doesn’t require any previous experience or special skills. The trained instructors will guide you through every step and ensure your safety throughout the entire flight.
  2. Suitable for everyone: Whether you’re young or old, physically fit or not, indoor skydiving is open to people of all ages and abilities. It’s a thrilling activity that can be enjoyed by families, friends, and even corporate groups looking for team-building experiences.
  3. Adrenaline-packed fun: Feel your heart race as you float on air! The sensation of weightlessness combined with the rush of wind creates an unforgettable adventure that will leave you wanting more.
  4. Perfect for special occasions: Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or any other milestone moments by taking flight at iFLY. It’s a unique way to create lasting memories and share an incredible experience with loved ones.
  5. Learn new skills: If one flight isn’t enough for you, consider signing up for their Flight School program where experienced instructors teach advanced flying techniques and maneuvers.

Indoor skydiving at iFLY Tempe offers an exciting alternative to traditional outdoor jumps while providing a safe environment suitable for everyone. So why not defy gravity and experience the thrill of flight? Head to iFLY for an unforgettable adventure!

17. Indulge in craft beer tasting at local breweries

Craft beer enthusiasts are in for a treat when visiting Tempe. With its thriving craft beer scene, the city offers a plethora of local breweries to explore and indulge in. Here’s why you should make craft beer tasting a top priority on your Tempe itinerary:

  1. Variety of Flavors: Tempe’s breweries boast an impressive range of flavors and styles, ensuring there is something to suit every palate. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing wheat beers, you’ll find an extensive selection that caters to all taste preferences.
  2. Unique Brews: The local breweries in Tempe take pride in their creativity, constantly experimenting with new recipes and brewing techniques. This means you can expect to discover unique brews that aren’t available anywhere else. Whether it’s a fruit-infused ale or a barrel-aged sour beer, each sip promises an exciting flavor experience.
  3. Community Atmosphere: One of the highlights of visiting local breweries is the welcoming and community-oriented atmosphere they provide. You’ll have the opportunity to chat with passionate brewers who love sharing their knowledge about the brewing process and recommending their favorite beers.
  4. Educational Experience: Craft beer tasting isn’t just about enjoying delicious beverages; it also offers an educational experience where you can learn about different ingredients, brewing methods, and flavor profiles from knowledgeable staff members or even attend brewery tours.
  5. Supporting Local Businesses: By indulging in craft beer tasting at local breweries, you’re not only treating yourself but also supporting small businesses within the community. It’s a win-win situation where you get to savor exceptional brews while contributing directly to the growth of these independent establishments.

So whether you’re a seasoned craft beer connoisseur or simply looking for a fun activity during your visit to Tempe, make sure to carve out time for exploring the local breweries. With their diverse flavors, unique brews, and vibrant community atmosphere, it’s an experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

18. Challenge yourself with rock climbing at Phoenix Rock Gym

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity in Tempe, look no further than the Phoenix Rock Gym. This indoor rock climbing facility offers a thrilling experience for both beginners and experienced climbers alike.

  • Varied routes: The gym boasts a wide range of climbing routes suitable for all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or an expert climber, there’s something to challenge and excite you. From easy climbs designed for beginners to more difficult ones that will test your strength and agility, the options are endless.
  • Safety first: At Phoenix Rock Gym, safety is paramount. The facility provides top-notch equipment including harnesses, ropes, and helmets to ensure your climb is as safe as possible. Trained staff members are always on hand to offer guidance and assistance if needed.
  • Expert instruction: If you’re new to rock climbing or want to improve your skills, the gym offers classes taught by experienced instructors. These knowledgeable professionals will teach you proper techniques, help you build strength and endurance, and guide you through the fundamentals of climbing safely.
  • Community atmosphere: One of the best things about Phoenix Rock Gym is its welcoming community atmosphere. You’ll find climbers of all ages and backgrounds coming together to support each other’s goals and celebrate achievements. It’s a great place to make new friends who share your passion for rock climbing.

So whether you’re seeking an exciting workout or wanting to conquer your fear of heights, head over to Phoenix Rock Gym in Tempe for an unforgettable rock-climbing experience!

19. Attend the Tempe Festival of the Arts

The Tempe Festival of the Arts is a vibrant and exciting event that brings together artists, artisans, and performers from all over. Here are some reasons why you should attend this fantastic festival:

  1. Artistic Showcase: The festival showcases a wide range of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry making, ceramics, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to see unique and beautiful works of art created by talented individuals.
  2. Support Local Artists: By attending the Tempe Festival of the Arts, you’re not only enjoying incredible artwork but also supporting local artists. This event provides them with a platform to showcase their talent and sell their creations directly to attendees.
  3. Live Entertainment: In addition to browsing through amazing artwork stalls, you can enjoy live entertainment throughout the festival. From live music performances to dance shows and street theater acts – there’s something for everyone’s taste.
  4. Food Trucks & Refreshments: As you explore the festival grounds filled with creativity and excitement, don’t forget to indulge in delicious food from various food trucks offering a diverse range of cuisines. Whether it’s savory or sweet treats you crave – there will be plenty of options available.
  5. Interactive Activities: The Tempe Festival of the Arts offers interactive activities for both kids and adults alike! You can participate in hands-on workshops where experienced artists guide you through creating your own masterpiece or engage in fun games designed specifically for visitors.
  6. Community Atmosphere: This festival creates a sense of community as people from different backgrounds come together to celebrate art and culture in an inclusive environment.
  7. Free Admission: One great thing about this festival is that admission is free! So gather your friends or family members for an enjoyable day exploring artistic wonders without breaking your budget.

Attending the Tempe Festival of the Arts allows you to immerse yourself in creativity, support local artists, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of this community event. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate art in all its forms!

20. Explore Native American art at the Pueblo Grande Museum

If you’re interested in Native American culture and art, a visit to the Pueblo Grande Museum is a must-do when in Tempe. This fascinating museum provides deeper insights into the rich history and artistic traditions of Arizona’s native peoples.

The museum showcases an impressive collection of artifacts, including pottery, jewelry, textiles, and tools that offer a glimpse into the daily lives of ancient civilizations such as the Hohokam. These artifacts provide valuable information about their craftsmanship techniques and cultural practices.

One highlight of the Pueblo Grande Museum is its recreated prehistoric village. Step back in time as you walk through replicas of traditional Hohokam dwellings and learn about their architectural styles and community structures. It’s a unique opportunity to experience what life was like centuries ago.

To enhance your understanding further, make sure to catch one of the informative guided tours or participate in hands-on activities offered by knowledgeable staff members. They can share intriguing stories about specific artifacts or explain how ancient techniques are still used today by contemporary Native American artists.

Don’t miss out on attending special events hosted by the museum throughout the year. These events often feature live demonstrations from skilled artisans who showcase traditional arts such as pottery-making or basket-weaving.

Visiting this museum not only allows you to appreciate beautiful works of art but also helps support efforts to preserve indigenous cultures for future generations. So take some time during your trip to Tempe to immerse yourself in Native American heritage at the Pueblo Grande Museum—it’s an educational and enriching experience that shouldn’t be missed!

21. Picnic and play at Daley Park

Daley Park is a fantastic spot in Tempe to enjoy a relaxing picnic with friends or family. With its lush greenery, shaded areas, and well-maintained facilities, it’s the perfect place to unwind and have some fun. Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting Daley Park:

  1. Ample space for picnicking: Daley Park offers plenty of open spaces where you can spread out your picnic blanket and enjoy a delicious meal. Whether you prefer a cozy corner or want to set up in the middle of the park, there’s enough room for everyone.
  2. Playground for kids: If you’re bringing little ones along, they’ll love the playground at Daley Park. It features swings, slides, climbing structures, and more, providing endless entertainment for children of all ages.
  3. Sports courts: Are you feeling active? Take advantage of the sports courts available at Daley Park! Shoot some hoops on the basketball court or challenge your friends to a game of tennis on one of the well-maintained tennis courts.
  4. Walking trails: For those who enjoy nature walks or jogging, Daley Park has scenic walking trails that wind through beautiful landscapes. You can take a leisurely stroll while enjoying fresh air and admiring the natural beauty surrounding you.
  5. Dog-friendly environment: If you have furry companions that love outdoor adventures too, bring them along! Daley Park welcomes dogs on leashes so they can join in on all the fun.

So pack up your favorite snacks and games before heading over to Daley Park in Tempe for an enjoyable day outdoors!

22. Enjoy live music at Tempe Beach Park

Tempe Beach Park is not just a picturesque spot for outdoor activities; it also offers an exciting lineup of live music events. Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, country, or jazz, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Diverse musical genres: At Tempe Beach Park, you can experience a wide range of musical genres that cater to different tastes and preferences. From local bands to renowned artists, the park hosts concerts that showcase the best talent from various genres.
  2. Spectacular waterfront setting: Imagine listening to your favorite tunes while surrounded by breathtaking views of Tempe Town Lake. The combination of great music and a stunning backdrop creates an unforgettable ambiance that enhances the overall concert experience.
  3. Community engagement: These live music events foster community engagement by bringing people together in celebration of art and culture. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow music enthusiasts and create lasting memories with friends and family.
  4. Family-friendly atmosphere: Many concerts held at Tempe Beach Park are family-friendly, making them perfect outings for all ages. You can introduce your children to different styles of music while enjoying quality time together in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  5. Supporting local talent: The park often showcases talented local musicians who are on their way up in the industry. Attending these concerts allows you to support emerging artists and discover new sounds before they hit mainstream popularity.

Whether you’re lounging on the grassy lawn or dancing near the stage, experiencing live music at Tempe Beach Park is an incredible way to spend an evening immersed in melody and rhythm.

23. Learn to surf at Big Surf Waterpark

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Tempe, look no further than Big Surf Waterpark. This popular attraction offers the perfect opportunity to learn how to surf or improve your skills on some of the largest wave pools in Arizona.

  1. Surfing Lessons: Big Surf Waterpark provides surfing lessons for all skill levels, from beginners who have never stepped foot on a surfboard to more experienced riders looking to refine their technique. Expert instructors will guide you through the basics and help you catch your first wave.
  2. Massive Wave Pools: The water park boasts two massive wave pools that generate waves up to 6 feet high! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, these powerful waves provide a thrilling experience that’s hard to find elsewhere in the desert.
  3. Safe Environment: Safety is always a top priority at Big Surf Waterpark. Lifeguards are stationed throughout the park, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their surfing experience with peace of mind.
  4. Rental Equipment: Don’t worry if you don’t own any surfing gear; Big Surf has got you covered! They offer rental equipment including surfboards and wetsuits, so all you need is your enthusiasm and a sense of adventure.
  5. Fun for All Ages: Learning to surf isn’t just for adults; it’s an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re planning a family outing or looking for something exciting to do with friends, hitting the waves at Big Surf Waterpark is guaranteed fun!

So why wait? Dive into this exhilarating water sport and ride those epic waves at Big Surf Waterpark!

24. Admire contemporary works at ASU Art Museum

Located on the Arizona State University campus, the ASU Art Museum is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts. This contemporary art museum offers an impressive collection of artworks that showcase diverse perspectives and push boundaries.

One of the highlights of visiting the ASU Art Museum is experiencing their rotating exhibitions. With a focus on contemporary art, these exhibitions feature works from both established and emerging artists, providing visitors with a glimpse into the vibrant world of modern creativity.

The museum’s commitment to showcasing innovative artwork extends beyond its walls. They also organize public programs such as artist talks, workshops, and performances. These events create opportunities for visitors to engage with artists directly and gain deeper insights into their creative processes.

ASU Art Museum’s dedication to fostering artistic growth extends to supporting local talent through initiatives like the “Artists’ Residencies.” These residencies provide artists with space and resources to develop their work while also connecting them with the larger community.

Notable past exhibitions at ASU Art Museum include “Indwelling: Living in a Female Body” which explored themes of identity and gender through various mediums like sculpture, painting, and photography. Another exhibition titled “Crafting America” celebrated craft-based practices in contemporary art by featuring intricate textile works, ceramics, glass sculptures, and more.

Whether you’re an avid art lover or simply looking for an enriching cultural experience in Tempe, visiting ASU Art Museum will leave you inspired by thought-provoking artworks that challenge conventions while reflecting our ever-changing world.

25. Participate in the Ironman Arizona triathlon

The Ironman Arizona triathlon is an exhilarating event that attracts athletes from around the world. With its challenging course and vibrant atmosphere, it’s an experience like no other. Here are some key points to consider if you’re thinking about participating in this iconic race:

  1. A Test of Endurance: The Ironman Arizona triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim, followed by a 112-mile bike ride, and culminates with a full marathon (26.2 miles). It demands physical stamina, mental fortitude, and unwavering determination.
  2. Scenic Course: Taking place in Tempe, Arizona, the race offers breathtaking views as you navigate through stunning landscapes such as Tempe Town Lake and Papago Park. You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty throughout your journey.
  3. Community Support: As you push yourself to new limits during the race, expect incredible support from both fellow participants and enthusiastic spectators lining the route. Their cheers will give you an extra boost when you need it most.
  4. Achievement Unlocked: Crossing that finish line is an accomplishment unlike any other! Completing an Ironman triathlon showcases your commitment to personal growth and pushes your boundaries beyond what you thought possible.
  5. Inspiration Everywhere: Witnessing elite athletes compete alongside amateurs can be truly inspiring for aspiring triathletes or anyone looking for motivation to embrace a healthier lifestyle.
  6. Training Opportunities: Preparing for the Ironman Arizona requires months of dedicated training across swimming, cycling, running disciplines—enhancing not only physical fitness but also overall well-being.
  7. Joining a Global Community

26. Take a scenic boat tour on Tempe Town Lake

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Tempe, don’t miss the opportunity to take a scenic boat tour on Tempe Town Lake. This picturesque lake offers breathtaking views of the surrounding desert landscape and is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Tempe Town Lake is by taking a boat tour. These tours provide an up-close look at the stunning scenery while offering interesting insights into the history and ecology of the area. Whether you’re interested in learning about local wildlife or simply want to enjoy a leisurely cruise on the water, there’s something for everyone on these boat tours.

During your tour, you’ll have the chance to see various points of interest around Tempe Town Lake. From iconic landmarks like Hayden Butte Preserve and Sun Devil Stadium to vibrant urban areas like Mill Avenue District, each stop along the way provides a different perspective on this vibrant city.

Not only are these boat tours educational and visually stunning, but they also offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Many boats are equipped with comfortable seating areas where you can sit back, relax, and soak in the beautiful surroundings. Some tours even offer onboard amenities such as snacks or beverages to enhance your experience.

Taking a scenic boat tour on Tempe Town Lake is an excellent way to appreciate all that this charming city has to offer. So why not grab your camera, hop aboard one of these boats, and embark on an unforgettable adventure through some of Arizona’s most captivating landscapes?

27. Discover wildlife at the Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

The Sea Life Arizona Aquarium is a must-visit attraction for wildlife enthusiasts and families alike. With its stunning displays of marine life, this aquarium offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some incredible creatures.

  1. Diverse Marine Species: The aquarium is home to over 5,000 different species of marine life, ranging from colorful tropical fish to mesmerizing jellyfish. You’ll have the chance to see everything from graceful sea turtles and playful otters to majestic sharks and stingrays.
  2. Interactive Exhibits: One of the highlights of visiting the Sea Life Arizona Aquarium is the chance to interact with the animals. You can touch starfish in their interactive rock pool or even hold a sea cucumber in your hands. These hands-on experiences provide an educational and memorable experience for visitors of all ages.
  3. Conservation Efforts: The aquarium is committed to conservation efforts and raising awareness about protecting our oceans’ fragile ecosystems. Through various initiatives, they aim to educate visitors about sustainable practices that can help preserve marine life for future generations.
  4. Educational Programs: In addition to their exhibits, the aquarium offers educational programs designed for both children and adults. Whether it’s attending a feeding session or participating in a behind-the-scenes tour, these programs offer insights into marine biology and conservation while fostering a deeper appreciation for aquatic life.
  5. Family-Friendly Atmosphere: With its engaging displays, informative signage, and friendly staff members, Sea Life Arizona Aquarium provides an enjoyable experience for families with children of all ages.

Visiting the Sea Life Arizona Aquarium allows you not only to marvel at beautiful marine creatures but also learn about their habitats while contributing towards their preservation through supporting their conservation efforts.

28. Watch a comedy show at Tempe Improv

Looking for some laughter in Tempe? Head over to the famous Tempe Improv comedy club and enjoy an evening filled with hilarious performances. Here’s why watching a comedy show at Tempe Improv should be on your list of things to do:

  1. Top-notch comedians: At Tempe Improv, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the best comedians in the business. From well-known headliners to up-and-coming talent, there’s always a diverse lineup that guarantees plenty of laughs.
  2. Intimate venue: The cozy atmosphere of Tempe Improv creates an intimate setting where you can truly connect with the performers. With its small stage and close seating arrangement, you’ll feel like part of the show as you share in the collective joy and laughter.
  3. Variety of shows: Whether you prefer stand-up, improv, or sketch comedy, Tempe Improv has it all. They offer a wide range of shows throughout the week, catering to different comedic styles and tastes. You can choose from regular performances by renowned comedians or catch themed nights featuring local talent.
  4. Nightlife hub: Located within walking distance from Arizona State University’s campus and surrounded by bars and restaurants, attending a comedy show at Tempe Improv makes for an exciting night out on Mill Avenue—Tempe’s vibrant entertainment district.
  5. Memorable experiences: Watching live comedy is an experience unlike any other form of entertainment—it’s spontaneous, interactive, and full of surprises! Whether it’s sharing inside jokes with friends or being picked as part of a comedian’s act (if you’re up for it), these memorable moments will leave you smiling long after the show ends.

So if you’re looking for a fun-filled evening that will tickle your funny bone, make sure to catch a comedy show at Tempe Improv. Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt and create lasting memories in the heart of Tempe’s entertainment scene.

29. Stroll through the Hayden Butte Preserve

The Hayden Butte Preserve is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Located in the heart of Tempe, this scenic preserve offers breathtaking views, fascinating geological formations, and a glimpse into the area’s rich cultural heritage.

A Natural Oasis in an Urban Setting

Despite being surrounded by bustling city life, the Hayden Butte Preserve provides visitors with a serene escape into nature. As you stroll along its well-maintained trails, you’ll be greeted by vibrant desert flora and fauna. Keep an eye out for native plants like saguaros and prickly pears as you soak in the tranquility of this urban oasis.

Uncover Ancient History

One of the highlights of exploring Hayden Butte Preserve is discovering its ancient history. The butte itself is an iconic landmark that has been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. In fact, archaeological evidence suggests that it was inhabited as early as 750 AD! Take a moment to imagine what life was like for these early inhabitants as you explore their ancient dwellings and petroglyphs.

Sweeping Panoramic Views

When you reach the summit of Hayden Butte, prepare to be amazed by panoramic views that stretch across Tempe and beyond. From here, you can admire stunning vistas of downtown Phoenix skyline against a backdrop of picturesque mountains. It’s no wonder why this spot has become popular among photographers seeking breathtaking shots!

Educational Opportunities

Hayden Butte Preserve also offers educational opportunities for visitors interested in learning more about its natural wonders and cultural significance. The preserve hosts guided tours led by knowledgeable experts who will share intriguing stories about the area’s geology, ecology, and history.

30. Enjoy a sunset dinner cruise on Tempe Town Lake

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable dining experience in Tempe, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a sunset dinner cruise on Tempe Town Lake. This enchanting experience combines delicious food with breathtaking views, creating an evening you won’t soon forget.

As you embark on your cruise, prepare to be captivated by the stunning scenery that surrounds you. The sunsets over Tempe Town Lake are truly spectacular, painting the sky with vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple. As you glide across the calm waters, take in the panoramic views of the lake and its picturesque surroundings.

During your dinner cruise, indulge in a delectable meal prepared by talented chefs onboard. From mouthwatering appetizers to exquisite main courses and decadent desserts, every dish is crafted with care to ensure an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you prefer seafood delicacies or savory meat dishes, there’s something for everyone to savor.

Not only will you be treated to a scrumptious meal and stunning vistas during your sunset dinner cruise but also excellent service from attentive staff members who strive to make your evening as enjoyable as possible. They’ll be more than happy to accommodate any special requests or dietary restrictions you may have.

This romantic outing is perfect for couples celebrating anniversaries or those simply wanting some quality time together against a backdrop of natural beauty. It’s also an ideal choice for families looking for a unique way to bond while enjoying good food and scenic views.


In summary, Tempe offers a wide range of activities and attractions that cater to various interests. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, art lover, foodie, or sports fan, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. From exploring the beautiful Tempe Town Lake by kayak or paddleboard to hiking the trails at Papago Park, you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy breathtaking views. For those seeking cultural experiences, the Tempe Center for the Arts and ASU Gammage offer performances that showcase talent from around the world. The city also boasts a lively nightlife scene on Mill Avenue, where you can dance the night away or enjoy a drink with friends. If you’re a sports enthusiast, catching a game at Sun Devil Stadium or joining the excitement at an ASU football game is a must.

But Tempe isn’t just about outdoor adventures and cultural experiences; it also offers opportunities for relaxation and leisure. You can unwind in the Desert Botanical Garden, explore Native American art at the Pueblo Grande Museum, or picnic and play at Daley Park. And if you’re looking for some adrenaline-pumping activities, try indoor skydiving at iFLY or challenge yourself with rock climbing at Phoenix Rock Gym.

No matter what you choose to do in Tempe, you’ll find yourself immersed in a city that celebrates diversity, creativity, and fun. So pack your bags and get ready to create unforgettable memories in this vibrant Arizona destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go kayaking or paddleboarding in Tempe Town Lake?

Yes, you can! Explore the beautiful Tempe Town Lake by renting a kayak or paddleboard. Enjoy the tranquil waters and stunning views of the city skyline while immersing yourself in this fun outdoor activity.

Are there any hiking trails at Papago Park?

Absolutely! Papago Park offers several scenic hiking trails for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, you’ll find trails that suit your preferences. Get ready to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy breathtaking views of the park’s unique geological formations.

What can I expect at Tempe Center for the Arts?

At the Tempe Center for the Arts, you can experience various forms of artistic expression including theater performances, art exhibitions, music concerts, and dance shows. Immerse yourself in creativity and cultural experiences as you explore this vibrant hub of artistic talent.

Is Mill Avenue known for its nightlife?

Definitely! Mill Avenue is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene. With numerous bars, clubs, restaurants, and live music venues lining this bustling street, there’s always something exciting happening after dark. Join locals and visitors alike as they enjoy a night filled with entertainment and energy.

Can I attend a football game at Sun Devil Stadium?

Absolutely! Sun Devil Stadium is home to Arizona State University’s football team – The Sun Devils. You can catch thrilling college football action here while cheering on your favorite team amidst an electric atmosphere that only live sports events can provide.

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